Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Mayberry for Monday Workshop

Here's a couple more layouts that I created from Mayberry and Magic, with Stickease added.  Both these layouts are suggested layouts found on the back of the stickease. 

Magic: Performance

 I added the Stickease, Pink Assortment of Buttons and Neutral Embroidery Floss.  All the rest was part of my Mayberry Workshop on the Go Kit.

Next up is Magic: Shuffled Deck
I only added the Stickease, Pink Ribbon, Pink Button Assortment and Neutral Embroidery Floss.  You could easily do this layout with just the stickease only.  Again, the paper is from my Mayberry Workshop on the Go kit.  And I still have a ton of paper left.  I made 5 two page layouts and 2 cards so far with the paper in that kit.  I only added the Stickease, a few pieces of cardstock and a couple of embellishments.  I hope this gives you an idea of how far one Workshop on the Go Kit can go.

Let's see you use up some of your scraps from a Workshop on the Go Kit.  Trust me, it can go farther than you can imagine.

Remember to RSVP for your workshop spot for tomorrow night.

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