Saturday, June 11, 2011

Studio J Layout

Another Studio J layout.
Why do I love Studio J?
1. It helps me catch up on my scrapbooks.
And trust me, I have a lot to catch up on.  And because it is so quick to put together in Studio J, I can really get caught up on some of that scrapbooking.
Look at my challenge on the side.
Studio J has helped me accomplish my goal of 100 + layouts for the year and it's only June.
Not all the layouts were Studio J, but many were.

2.  It so simple to create beautiful layouts.
Don't believe me?
Schedule a meeting with me and you will believe me.
Follow along with one the Love Your Layout you tube videos.
It really is easy.

3.  It is affordable.
No cost upfront.
No software to buy.
No packages to buy.
You only buy the layouts that you want printed.
And in the month of June, complete a layout and get the JPEG of that layout absolutely FREE.
June is the best time to try out Studio J

4.  No clean-up.
Just shut down your computer.

5.  It's fun.
I love playing in this program to see what it can do.

Contact me to learn more about Studio J and how to take advantage of this fantastic deal in June
or login on my website and start creating with Studio J.
You will find the Studio J tab on the left hand side of my website.

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