Friday, January 28, 2011

February Constant Campaigns (Yes, There are Two)

(Information straight from CTMH Corporate)

February Constant Campaign – Free, Free, & Fabulous!

1.What are the campaign details?

Dates: February 1–28, 2011

Featured Products: New Consultant Kit rebate and Straight To The Top rewards

For New Consultants: When a new Consultant joins Close To My Heart during February and achieves both levels of Straight To The Top (First month and first three months), they will receive Straight To The Top rewards totaling $100 US / $110 CAN in select product credit, PLUS they'll receive a cash rebate of $129/$140 on their New Consultant Kit. It's free products and a free kit—a fabulous deal!

Notes: If the new Consultant purchases extra Choose Me collections beyond the three that are included with their New Consultant Kit, they will not be reimbursed for those; the rebate is for the base amount which includes the Business Essentials and three Choose Me collections.

Campaign Item Information

2.What is included in the campaign?

A new Consultant may receive a rebate on their New Consultant Kit of $129 US / $140 CAN when they earn both levels (first month and first three months) of Straight To The Top. They'll also earn the select product credit associated with achieving both Straight To The Top levels of $100/$110.

3.What can the Straight To The Top select product credit be used for?

Straight To The Top select product credits are redeemable for My Acrylix® stamp sets including customized K-size and E-size stamps (Stamp of the Month sets are not included), My Acrylix® blocks including the My Acrylix® Block Starter Kit, Exclusive Inks® stamp pads (single pads only), Archival Black Exclusive Inks stamp pad, Exclusive Inks® markers (single markers only), Exclusive Inks® re-inkers, My Reflections® Level 1 scrapbooking kits, My Reflections® Level 2 paper packets, My Stickease® Level 2 assortments, and all cardstock packs (individual and combo packs).

4.What is the full retail value of the New Consultant Kit?

The full retail value of the New Consultant Kit is up to $391 US / $434 CAN, depending on which three Choose Me collections are selected.

5.What is the total retail value new Consultants can receive FREE from this promotion?

New Consultants can receive up to $391 US / $434 CAN in New Consultant Kit products plus $100/$110 in select product, for a total retail value of up to $491/$544 for FREE! That's free kit, free products, making it fabulous!


6.How and when does a new Consultant receive their kit rebate?

A new Consultant who meets Straight To The Top requirements for both the first month and the first three months will receive their kit rebate with their commission check the month after they meet their Straight To The Top requirements.

7.Does the kit rebate include the tax and shipping/handling that was paid?

No. The rebate is for the enrollment fee only of $129/$140.

(Information straight from CTMH Corporate)

Campaign Basics

1.What are the campaign details?

Dates: February 1, 2011, at 9:00 am (MST) to February 28, 2011, at 11:59 pm (MST).

Featured Product: Custom-printed Studio J layouts

Who can participate: Studio J members only (3 month and 12 month memberships)

Details: Buy 9 custom-printed Studio J layouts, get the 10th free.

Campaign Item Information

2.What are the item numbers for the free layout?

No special item numbers are required. Just add 10 or more layouts to your cart and you’ll automatically receive every 10th layout free!

3.What is the full retail value of the free layout?

Since this campaign is only valid for members, and members pay just $6.50 US / $7.25 CAN per layout, the full retail value of the free layout is $6.50/$7.25.

4.Are JPG files included in this campaign?

One of the benefits of a Studio J membership is that each custom-printed layout comes with a free JPG file, and this holds true with the promotional layout as well. Purchasing standalone JPG files will not help you qualify for this campaign, however, as the campaign only includes custom-printed layouts.

Ordering Details

5.Will tax be charged on this promotion?

No tax is assessed on the free layout.

6.Will shipping/handling be charged on this promotion?

Shipping/handling rates do not change. Members get one free shipment of a box of up to 20 layouts per month. Additional boxes are shipped at the rate of $5.95/$13.95.

7.How many promotional layouts can each Studio J member receive?

There are no limits to the number of free layouts a member can receive. For every 9 ordered, the 10th will be free. Buying 90? You’ll get 10 layouts free!

8.How does a customer order the free layout?

It’s all automatic. Just add 10 (or more) layouts to your cart and you’ll automatically receive the 10th layout free!

9.Can a customer use a 5-pack at checkout and still qualify for the free layout?

Yes. As long as the customer is a Studio J member with at least 10 layouts in the cart, the 10th layout will be free regardless of the method of payment.


10.Who can participate in this campaign?

Only Studio J members can participate. This campaign and others like it are just one reason to become a Studio J member!

If you have any questions about either of the above promotions, please let me know.

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