Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jessica Sprague: Photo Editing: Frame-ups & Special Effects Day 2

Good morning! I just wanted to share Day 2 projects with you. The first one of my daughter followed the class instructions. This is her 8th birthday earlier this spring. The second picture is my son last year after the baseball championship game. The boys played so hard, worked so hard to get to that game and were so proud of themselves that they didn't even care that they didn't win the championship game. Their team was the underdogs for most of the season and then they suddenly figured out how to play as a team and played so well. My son has been asking when I would do something with this picture. So I went online and found a free baseball png file and added it to the picture with the "celebrate" brush from class. Now to get these pictures scrapbooked!


  1. Nice job Amy- I love seeing what others have done with the Jessica Sprague course!